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    Capabilities for 1536, 384 & 96-well plates

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    Robust Automation Technology

    Accelerating your drug discovery research

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    Benchtop and integrated systems

    Solutions for all your laboratory automation needs

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    Custom Cell Handling Device

    Automated protein expression made simple

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    Uncompromising 24/7 Operation

    Failure is not an option

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    Gentle Plate Washing

    Minimizing effects on cell-based assays for superior results

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    Rapid Plate Processing

    Speed is of the essence when screening millions of entities

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    High-Throughput Screening

    High density format compatibility for reagent savings

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    Experienced Engineering

    Strong scientific interaction

Welcome to GNF Systems

GNF Systems is become the pre-eminent laboratory automation and drug discovery system provider in the industry, combining the efforts of a dedicated engineering team with chemists and biologists focused on genomics and drug discovery results. We started off with the goal of being able to quickly, reliably and inexpensively screen millions of genomic or compound samples against the most biologically relevant assay our scientists could dream up.

We wanted our scientists to concentrate on building and running the most innovative assays rather than thinking about the technology needed to screen them. Realizing that our vision was not going to be met in the market place, our engineers and scientists worked side-by-side for more than a decade to overcome the real-life challenges of successful screening.

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