About Us

GNF Systems is dedicated to the rapid conceptualization, design, construction and, most importantly, validation of advanced high throughput automated genomics and drug discovery systems. We adhere to the belief that quantum leaps in scientific progress have historically followed technological innovations that enable researchers to challenge the existing research paradigms: GNF Systems exists to challenge those paradigms.

GNF Systems mission is to amplify the capabilities and throughput of biomedical research and discovery teams by multiple orders of magnitude and to enable scientists to think creatively in addressing large scale scientific challenges. GNF Systems is unique in its ability to produce high throughput automated research platforms in conjunction with a powerful team of internal cutting edge biomedical researchers that help conceptualize, design, develop, iterate through multiple cycles of improvement and biologically validate systems to meet their research needs.

Once validated, these systems are available to organizations that share our belief in the use of appropriate advanced technology to overcome significant and challenging scientific obstacles. Organizations that have adopted GNF Systems research products have included pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, regional and government research institutions.

GNF Systems has a large team of full-time engineers, technicians, service and support staff with experiences ranging from the automotive, manufacturing, machine tool, consulting, and biopharmaceutical industries. All major disciplines of engineering are represented in house; mechanical, electrical, structural, design, control, software, and process engineering. This allows us to provide a comprehensive number of services on-site and globally, including computer-aided design, machining, electronics, software development, manufacturing, assembly, site installation, validation, service and support.

GNF Systems manufactures and assembles its products in a dedicated 25,000 square foot facility in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, containing a complete suite of manufacturing and support facilities including a 7,000 sqft inventory of parts and subassemblies and a fully integrated materials management system. Our production group is gaining a reputation for its speed, creativity, attention to detail, on-time delivery and, most importantly, adhering to the highest standards of reliability in design and manufacturing. It is our aim to be the gold standard for automated high throughput scientific research instruments and to provide the users of our systems with an unparalleled advantage for their research.

For further information and product details please enquire at: info@gnfsystems.org

GNF Systems is a trademark of GNF (Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation)