At GNF Systems our robotic work cells are designed for 100% uptime and reliability. We pride ourselves on manufacturing systems that meet the highest uptime demands.

Our mechanical, electrical and software engineers have spent countless hours developing screening workflow systems that are unrivaled in the field of laboratory automation.



From the simplest biochemical based assays to the most complex live-cell phenotypic based screens, our ultra high-throughput and profiling systems can handle the job.

Assay Execution

From start to finish, the systems are designed to excel each step of the way. Loading cells into high-density microtiter plates, incubating cell cultures, applying reagents, managing thousands of plates, reading the assay results, and automatically recording the data for lead finding analysis are all fundamental for our systems.



You don't need to worry about uptime again. Our automated systems are centered around one core concept: reliability! They are designed to work seven days a week, around the clock. Once the screening reagents are loaded into the system and scheduled, our systems operate in a fully autonomous fashion day and night.